Condemn all Propaganda for Another American Civil War!

Has anyone else offered a coherent vision of how America would become Socialistic under any conceivable definition? Most conceptions of Socialism in these United States have often struggled to envisage an America without the Democratic-Republican Party and the Empire of Liberty, the “Liberal International Economic Order (LIEO).” I wrote about this particular debacle before in the First Edition of The Work-Standard but felt that it was not an appropriate place to be include what I will be discussing here. Often, it involves the dissolution of the Union in a “new civil war” to literally “wipe the slate clean” instead of a conflict over the inheritance rights to the Union like what happened in the American Civil War. There has consistently been an apparent absence of distinctions between the Federal and State Governments and the Democratic-Republican Party and the LIEO. Such counterproductive, even borderline self-destructive, behaviors do not represent any serious attempts at building another conception of America because they consistently devolve into senseless acts of violence that do not amount to anything significant or meaningful.

If anything, these actions will be met with tremendous serious opposition from the American people, even empowering the Democratic-Republican Party’s political legitimacy. Even in the polarized, sharply divided condition that they are in as a Totality, most Americans still know the difference between right and wrong, preferring law and order to reign over absolute lawlessness and disorder. We also have to remember that the US has been operating in a constant, uninterrupted State of National Emergency since 1979, with the vast majority of these National Emergencies being related to the levying of Economic Sanctions as part of US Foreign Policy. It is because of this that the Democratic-Republican Party has the ability for a Jeffersonian Congress to give an incumbent Jeffersonian President access to an arsenal of very broad emergency wartime powers capable of turning America into a military dictatorship. They can and will be deployed against anyone trying to usurp the Democratic-Republican Party. It is for these reasons that I am not convinced that there will be a new civil war anytime soon.

The real significance behind the Trump presidency is a gradual admission from the Democratic-Republican Party that it is running out of ideas on how to govern the US, never mind the LIEO. The whole crux behind the Trump presidency was to act as the antithesis to the Obama presidency. Now, the incumbent Biden presidency continues to demonstrate itself as a consolidation, a synthesis, of the preceding Trump and Obama presidencies. My analysis continues to be valid on this front, seeing how the Trump and Obama presidencies were also characterized by a President being swept into power by an American people driven not by ideologies or even the American Essence, but by their own emotional fervor. All effort and attention remain fixated on the Presidency as opposed to those wielded by the Congress, the Electoral College, the State Governments or a combination of all three.  

America lacks a genuine “Political Left” and a genuine “Political Right.” We must realize the Madisonian Faction is not the same as the “American Left,” just as the Monroean Faction is not the same as the “American Right.” Those are controlled opposition, neither of which will any demonstrate genuine interest at challenging the Democratic-Republican Party. I mean, they are equally capable of mounting lots of anti-government rhetoric and causing pointless acts of disorder and chaos, but does anyone know how many of them know how to govern even a single Household? Why is there an overwhelming emphasis on destroying the Union and so little about building the Union? What sort of meanings can we ascribe to the “distrust of the Federal Government” and the “aversion to American Socialism?”

Let’s suspend our sense of disbelief and assume for a moment the Democratic-Republican Party is not in power. In this context, we can trace the origins of distrust toward the Federal Government as having two very distinct sources which emanate from the American Essence itself. On the one hand, there is the belief among some Americans that the Federal Government should be doing more for the American people. On the other, there is the belief that the Federal Government should be giving more powers to the State Governments.

From any conventional analysis of US politics, all notions of the Federal Government ‘doing more for the American people’ and ‘giving more powers to the State Governments’ are to be understood as being two completely different decisions. However, as I pointed out in the First Edition of The Work-Standard, there are in fact perfectly legal ways under the US Constitution for the Federal Government to be realizing both goals at the same time. The real problem which needs to be addressed in the Second Edition are the issues related to the National Emergencies and whether any discernible relationship exists between them and the ongoing aversion to Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism. Is there another way for Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism and the Federalist Party to be revisited while simultaneously addressing these National Emergencies and without America being plunged into another civil war?

In essence, we are dealing with an outdated pieces of legal jurisprudence whose definitions were never properly addressed when they had been originally implemented by the Democratic-Republican Party. The Democratic-Republican Party refuses to resolve them, preferring to exploit and even exacerbate to a certain extent in order to maintain their control over America. At the same time, we are also confronting the issues of the Freedom-Security Dialectic in relation to the role of the Federal and State Governments in relation to the American people and the Individual. I am going explore this topic again in a follow-up Blog post before finally committing my conclusions to the Second Edition.

Two important sources worthy of mention include a 2009 Climate Change-related study on the history of Nationalization by the Federal Government for wartime purposes as well as a 2016 Philosophy Dissertation concerning the contemporary aversion to American Socialism. Both documents are available for download at the end of this Blog post.  

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