Update (29 January 2022)

Having completed my strategic plans for this week as well the rest of February, there are a number of projects which need to be addressed here. The first priority at the moment is still completion of The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.), which is halfway finished as of this Blog post. I am going to be revising and proofreading the Entries of Sections Six and Seven, which are related to the role of international trade and technologies respectively under the Work-Standard.

Next, I need to complete “Conservative Socialism: The Revolutionary Realm (Pt. II of II)” by addressing how these United States and the German Reich share similar fate as part of attempting to provide an entirely different explanation behind why contemporary US appears to be in a “new civil war.” For those who are curious, no, the US is not undergoing a “new civil war,” nor should anyone be deceived into believing such nonsense. Integral to this discussion is whether we should perceive the US as a “supranational state of fifty nations” or as one “nation.”

Once I am done the Second Edition of The Work-Standard and that Conservative Socialism-related post, my next set of priorities involve compiling and revising confusingly intricate mess that is The Third Place. Let’s just say that the previous two months has characterized been me exploring other areas of my research between 2011 and 2021 which had yet to be given enough time to articulated into something more cohesive.  

But for today only, what I want to do now is to tidy up the website and reorganize everything so it will be easier to navigate. Half of this will involve the creation of new illustrations and diagrams for the Second Edition. Then I will be doing a bit of rereading about Mainland China’s “Iron Rice Bowl” and taking care of some personal matters offline. If I have any more time before the end of today, I will be writing another Blog post to inform everyone about the new illustrations and diagrams. 

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