How COVID-19 Fell for DPRK’s “Korean Mousetrap”

If anyone is interested in finding reliable news sources on the DPRK and the ROK, there is Korea Now, which I have identified as a South Korean state-funded media outlet, and I also recommend this North Korean Vlogger on YouTube.

Back in 2020, who would have thought that this North Korean news report would provide some very helpful health advice? Not to mention being straight to the point about the direness of the situation emerging in the PRC’s Hubei Province?

For the record, as one could probably surmise from the various wartime-related Entries in the SMP Compendium, the past two years has seen me being adamantly convinced that the Work-Standard is more than capable of emerging from the Coronavirus Pandemic unscathed. The reason why the Pandemic has become an important case study in itself is because, in the months prior to the Pandemic in 2019, I had been trying to figure out whether the Socialist Nation will be able to survive a full-scale military conflict whilst keeping its Currency pegged to the Work-Standard. The criteria at the time, which exists offline and on paper, required the conflict to be fought on such a scale and duration where the Socialist Nation is forced to spend huge sums of Geld and devote much of its Arbeit toward the war effort. I still cannot believe that the past two years has seen the Pandemic providing me with a vast repository of empirical evidence to arrive at this particular juncture.

Basically, everything depends on the State, the Totality and the Self–the Individual–demonstrating the necessary resolve to coordinate the bulk of their strategic efforts toward the Schwerpunkt: the swift elimination of COVID-19 from the Socialist Nation. The Explicit Intent here is to enforce “Social Distancing” not in the cities and countryside (which has been the Liberal Capitalist approach), but beginning at all border crossings, railway stations, seaports and seaports. Since the Socialist Nation of the Revolutionary Realm is not the PRC, its effectiveness at Social Distancing is influenced by the pace at which the State is able to regroup the Totality in short order. Closing the borders early should be the main priority, regardless of whether there is incontrovertible evidence of COVID-19 outbreaks further inland.

Any “Lockdowns” are to be implemented with the Explicit Intent of creating “Pockets” from which any further outbreaks are contained. If the Socialist Nation had realized prior to the Pandemic that healthcare has always been a matter of national defense, the medical professionals will have fewer chances of being overwhelmed and cause the Nation’s Sociable Currency to depreciate in value by allowing its Attrition Rate to rise. The national healthcare system is going to need all the help it can get from the Totality and the State. The sooner everyone realizes that the Socialist Nation rises and fall through their own actions as Individuals, the sooner the Socialist Nation can begin the process of restoring some semblance of normalcy whilst enforcing Social Distancing at the borders.

Unlike Production for Profit/Utility, it is feasible to envisage the Work-Standard’s Mode of Production, Production for Dasein, allowing the State to temporarily suspend specific economic and financial activities which are known to be capable of facilitating COVID-19’s infiltration. “Contact Tracing” is only as effective as the Totality’s ability to reduce the number of possibilities for COVID-19 to enter the country. This means any Profession, Enterprise and Industry required to be in direct physical contact with foreigners, like Tourism or Hospitality, should be minimized and, when possible, cease all operations until the Pandemic is no longer occurring anywhere in the Socialist Nation. Once the Council State and the Totality have everything in order, Professions, Enterprises and Industries that do not require interacting with foreigners can be allowed to reopen.  

To ensure that the Totality will be able to enforce Social Distancing, Production for Dasein provides the State with the necessary means to reorganize, retrain, reposition or redeploy all Vocational Civil Servants and Administrators whose Vocations are being “Demobilized” because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. This “Selective Demobilization” may be enacted as a Fiscal Policy alongside a Monetary Policy, the Central Bank’s Mechanization Rate and its ability to automate the affected areas in the VCS Planned/Command Economy.

It is understandable for the SSE’s Student Government to find its own activities disrupted, but that alone will not be enough to prevent the Student Body from being able to continue their education. A well-maintained, well-defended and well-organized National Intranet is capable of resuming the school life until COVID-19 has been eradicated. In fact, the notion that the SSE has some portion of its educational curricula conducted on the National Intranet is the opportunity that must not be ignored or neglected by the Council State.  

Is there any country on Earth demonstrating these characteristics despite their Currency not being pegged to the Work-Standard? Why yes, it would have to be the DPRK, the sole country on Earth that continues to insist to the whole world that they do not have any COVID-19 cases since 2020. The fact that the North Koreans took the initiative of shutting their borders and restricting as much movement as possible is proof of their country’s determination to halt the Pandemic from reaching the northern half of the Korean Mousetrap. In fact, this North Korean tourism website summarized everything in no ambiguous terms because this idea that the DPRK would be imposing a “cover up” is ridiculous. It just goes to show that a lot of the sensationalism from the Liberal Capitalist media publications of the West is being driven by Kapital (in the form of advertisements and television ratings). Also, has anyone heard about the DPRK’s decision to reopen its border with the PRC earlier this month?

“SEOUL, Jan. 18 (UPI) – China and North Korea restarted trade over a railroad crossing for the first time since Pyongyang sealed its borders to protect against COVID-19 two years ago, Beijing has confirmed.

Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a press conference on Monday that rail freight transport between China’s Dandong and North Korea’s Sinuiju had resumed after ‘friendly consultations between the two sides.’

‘The two sides will move forward on the basis of ensuring sound epidemic prevention and control to facilitate normal bilateral trade,’ Zhao said.

The rail crossing over the Yalu River is the main trade artery between North Korea and China, but traffic ground to a halt when Pyongyang sealed its borders in January 2020 as COVID-19 began to spread throughout its northern neighbor. The government blocked almost all official and unofficial trade and severely restricted domestic travel.”

If we are going to believe the DPRK that there have no COVID-19 outbreaks, then we also need to believe them when they said their Korean Mousetrap is in mint condition. This brings me to the misleading quotations being taken out of context by Western media publications. The problem that I see in the DPRK is related to their ongoing issue with finding industrial-grade “synthetic fertilizers” and farming equipment to maintain their agricultural production and dodge Economic Sanctions. The fertilizers in particular is an issue not exclusive to the DPRK because, unbeknownst to everyday people, this can and will affect the Western world because these synthetic fertilizers require petrochemicals manufactured from Petroleum. Besides, the Korean Mousetrap does not offer much in the way of Crude Oil deposits for the DPRK to be truly self-sufficient.

“The relationship between oil and natural gas and the food we eat goes beyond the trucks, boats, planes and trains that carry crops from farms to grocery stores. In fact the food security we enjoy today would not be possible without something made from oil and gas feedstocks: synthetic fertilizers.

According to the John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, ‘of all the innovations in agriculture, arguably none has been more influential than synthetic fertilizers.’ It has allowed global food production to keep pace with global population—which between 1900 and 2011 increased from 1.6 billion to 7 billion.

And with global population continuing to rise (it’s expected to reach close to 10 billion by 2050) and a finite supply of arable land, the emphasis will be on continuing to improve crop yields in a sustainable manner.”

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