Update (February 2 2022)

I am almost finished with Sections Six and Seven of The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) as of this Blog Post. Three Entries in Section Six have yet to receive their edits, proofreading and revisions, Section Seven having only four. Those two Sections were easier for me to go back and reread, compared to the rest of the Compendium. In the meantime, I completed some new Diagrams and Charts as part of the SMP Compendium to illustrate what is being conveyed across various Entries, in addition to including newer photos as reference points. Below are the ones I had completed:

In case I haven’t demonstrated it before, this Diagram depicts how the Work-Standard’s Theory of Value (RTV) and Theory of Money (WTM) describe what the LER Process does.
Diagram for “Sociable Currency” or Currencies pegged to the Work-Standard.
Diagram depicting the Reciprocal Theory of Value (RTV) as part of finding FQW.
This one depicts finding FQM as part of Work Theory of Value (WTM).
The Socialist Nation, when mapped from within its National Intranet.
Basic Real Trade Agreement (RTA) Diagram.
This Diagram depicts “Petrodollar Recycling” for SMP Compendium Entries related to Climate Change, Autarky, and especially the “Zero-Carbon Synthetic Fuel.” Once I got past all of the Liberal Capitalist ideological language, it didn’t take too long for me to figure out where everything went conceptually.

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