Future Plans for the Blog

Having decided to release the Second Edition of The Work-Standard last week, I am still committed toward scaling back the number of Blog posts that I write on a weekly basis. Expect fewer “Updates” and “Revisions” here, now that the Second Edition is finished. My Intent at this point, apart from being able to focus on some personal matters offline, is to begin reorienting the Blog itself toward other topics related to the Work-Standard itself. There are still other aspects of the Work-Standard where it can be reapplied outside of its originally-intended financial applications. I know that one of those possibilities include the realm of Technology and how they interact with the digital realm. Another pertains to the studies of culture and language.

There are a number of topics that I hope to work on over the course of this year:

-Continuation of “Economic History Case Studies” Series
-Continuation of the “Conservative Socialism” Series
-Completion of The Third Place
-Further forays into discussions of Aesopian Language
-Subtopics related to Technology, Political Statecraft, Economic Governance, and International Relations

Everything here does not necessarily have to be done in that particular order. My goal is to at least strive toward realizing a few of them each week as I am able to. I have an upcoming Blog post tomorrow as a follow up to the one I started earlier today, in addition to another one slated for release later that same day.

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