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Today, I am proud to announce the opening stages of building a Digital Library on The Fourth Estate to provide downloadable .pdf copies of various books, treatises, academic journal articles, doctoral dissertations, technical documents, and other materials that is either related to my research or else existing along its peripheries. The first set of .pdfs was just added to the Digital Library as of this writing, with another set having yet to be uploaded. I do intend to update that webpage over the course of March with additional .pdfs, sorting everything into specific ideologies and topics, separating actual books from academic journal articles and so forth. It is going to be a lengthy effort which will take some time.

Everything was found both online and offline and later archived over the years in physical or digital form. Going by the digital sources alone, there are plenty of .pdfs which I find to be worthy of being in the Blog’s Digital Library because the vast majority remains blocked behind paywalls, out of print because their publisher no longer exists, forgotten nowadays or have fallen into obscurity, lack proper English translations, and still poorly understood among English speakers due to cultural barriers. In fact, there are certain books which I would love to include there but cannot because they only exist as rare physical copies. They have yet to receive proper reprints, let alone uploaded online somewhere on Archive.org.

Feel free to visit the Digital Library and browse through the various .pdfs which I have made available for download.

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