Update (14 May 2022)

I have an upcoming Blog post in the works at the moment. The topic in question pertains to an aspect of contemporary economic history which I believe should serve as a primer to another set of Blog posts for next week. Even though I had spent the past two days away from the Blog to do other things, that delay should not stop me from finishing this new post. My plan right now is to begin work on the new Blog post before the end of the day. Other than that, there is something worthy of mention here which I feel should be discussed here.

Lately, I had been browsing social media platforms like Reddit for groups who might be interested in my research. A few were identified as being suitable for dissemination of the research, and I am confident that there might be more out there on the World Wide Web. If I have time, I might write another Blog post tomorrow detailing my experiences and whether its members could be inclined toward what I have to say on matters related to economics and finance.

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