Update (15 May 2022)

I have an two upcoming Blog posts in the works for tomorrow. The first post, which is a comment on an ARPLAN post, has been finished and awaiting review. As always, I will continue to post my comments on the ARPLAN Blog here because the my area of research was inadvertently shaped by what occurred previously in the early 20th century. This other post, on the other hand, is an economics-oriented post which follows up on my last Economic History Case Studies post. It has yet to be worked on, and I have plans to work on it tomorrow.

For those who are curious, I will be delving further into the topic of Inflation, Interest Rates, and the Currency Depreciation from the perspective of The Work-Standard. The latest Economic History Case Studies post focused on post-1945 Japan entering what can only be best described as its “third Lost Decade.” Since that country continues to be a unique case study within my research, I am also interested in investigating how other countries are responding to the ongoing trend of Currency Depreciation lately. Even though the crux of my discussion so far pertains to the Liberal Capitalist conception of finance, the implications of this upcoming Blog post will no doubt be worthwhile once it is finished.

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