Update (3 June 2022)

Honestly, I must confess that there has not been a lot of noteworthy news reports on the economies of the West or the world economy in general. What I should instead say here is that there might be another Recession coming later this year or next year, its effects daring to pile on top of the economic damage already inflicted. The heightened Inflation Rates, coupled with the logistical complications and other factors, have certainly made it difficult for anyone contemplating their retirement nowadays. Moreover, the rising US National Debt is also causing further increases in Interest Rate payments as a consequence of printing so much Kapital. Over the next ten years, it can be estimated that the Interest Rate payments will reach roughly about the size of the US Market Economy by 2032.

If I have time later today, I will write another post or two on a different topic which I would like to discuss in relation to my experiences from earlier this week.

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