Update (5 June 2022)

For this week, one of the posts that I am going to work on is a follow up to the latest addition to the Conservative Socialism series of posts. The general idea behind that post stressed the need to reinterpret the apparent anxieties of “Post-Christian America” as being related to the infamous “Great Replacement Theory.” It is important to realize that both concepts can only seem reasonable from the perspective of English-American Protestants, the WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants), who have defined much of American culture throughout much of US history. Together with the occurrence of dying communities and emptying congregations, they fear that America’s national essence will no longer be defined by them. This in turn accounts for the subsequent rise of QAnon conspiracy theories, so-called “Christian Nationalism,” the rise of the “Non-Denominational” (religiously unaffiliated) denomination and the “Nones” (irreligiously unaffiliated). The latter two in particular are the consequences of a breakdown in institutional norms toward most Protestant denominations, especially since the majority of them have been treated as lapdogs of the Republicans.   

Once the English Protestants are no longer the majority, America’s national essence will be open to change. That is the upside nobody really wants to acknowledge nor wishes to comprehend. The American national essence will then be a blank slate through which an entirely different American national character can emerge. Since nobody in America has a genuine idea as to what new-old form this Union’s national essence should take, the impression is that there will be multiple “national characters” competing to redefine the American national essence. Fortunately, one of those contenders include the American Essence itself as defined by the old Federalist Party.

As a Roman Catholic who spent his formative years in Europe, I am not surprised that the English Protestants are espousing the same old rhetoric from the 19th century. It was not too long ago when they were complaining about European Catholic immigration to America, when they complained about the Irish, Italians, Germans, Polish, Czechs, Hungarians, Jews, and others who did not fit the English Protestant mold. They were fine about the Germans who were already living in the Union when the American Revolutionary War happened because those Germans were already Protestants striving to be like Englishmen. They had no qualms about destabilizing parts of Latin America for Jeffersonian ends, allowing scores of people to emigrate because nobody is helping them rebuild their countries. They failed to realize that the Federal government’s goal of promoting real American culture under the Federalists was to set America apart from England, apart from the rest of the English-speaking world. It was never about trying to bring America closer to England and the English-speaking world so that the Union can realize Thomas Jefferson’s Empire of Liberty as the logical continuation of the British Empire.

What I have just written is the general gist of what was argued in the latest Conservative Socialism post. My goal is to continue the conversation as well as working on other philosophical and political topics. And yes, the other topics that I have in mind will focus on these United States. The next post is expected to be completed sometime tomorrow.  

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