Planning for the Future

Today, I felt I needed to be more transparent about one of my other plans lately. I decided, after finishing my undergraduate studies at university late last year, to continue going to school and begin my graduate studies sooner rather than later. I was glad that I did not accumulate any Schuld over the course of my undergraduate studies, but I cannot say the same about my graduate studies, however. By the time I graduate with my Master’s Degree, I can see myself running somewhere between $15,000 USD and $20,000 USD in Schuld. That is nothing compared to the stories I have heard over the past decade where it was common to hear people racking up Schuld in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of US Dollars.

Over the past several weeks, I had been trying to make sure that I have some kind of work lined up sometime next year. My long-term goal entails me being employed to the Federal government and doing work related to Political Science. I have not applied to any Federal jobs because I was focusing more on trying to get either an internship or a low-level office job that would help familiarize myself with doing professional office work. So far, I sent hundreds of applications to mostly private sector workplaces, had a few interviews here and there but none of them went anything close to being employed. And those were for specific full-time or part-time jobs, not internships.

Between not applying for internships and not applying for government jobs, it is about time that I start planning for the future. I probably should consider applying for internships and government jobs from hereon, instead of trying to apply for private sector jobs like what I have been as of late. A revamped Resume and well-written Cover Letter can go a long way.

That is all I have to report. There will be no new posts because I need more time to plan ahead and work towards my goals.

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