Update (26 June 2022)

After the past several weeks being devoted to political, social, technological, and philosophical discussions, I have decided that this week’s theme should be economic and financial-oriented posts. One particular area of interest is a new addition to the “Thus Spoke Lenin” series of posts which I have yet to receive enough proper attention since earlier this year. I now have an important post in the works where I will be exploring the Cold War legacy of the Bretton Woods System and its subsequent Death from a different angle. Rather than a Western Bloc or Eastern Bloc discussion about the economic history of Bretton Woods, I will be truly addressing it from a “Third World” perspective in which the developing countries are the real focus. Aside from that, I am also planning to include two or three new additions to “Economic History Case Studies” that will build upon the next “Thus Spoke Lenin” entry. Consider the next series of posts to be more Marxist than usual.

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