‘Left-Hamiltonians’ and ‘Right-Hamiltonians’?

Alright, I finally figured out what should be the theme for next week’s set of posts. Aside from the fact that it has been a while since I last posted anything related to “Thus Spoke Lenin,” it has also been too long since I have written anything substantial about the Work-Standard as a concept. I now have enough information on hand at the moment to figure out what I would like to write about for next week.

The topics that I would like to engage in will be related to Hamiltonianism, specifically the other Americans who also consider themselves as Hamiltonian Federalists. Besides Michael Lind, I am now willing to consider Julius Krein as another Hamiltonian by instinct. I found some articles that were penned by Krein in publications outside of his quarterly political journal, American Affairs. He has made some insightful conclusions over the past year about why Hamiltonianism is not at home within the Democratic-Republican Party, from the Democrats to the Republicans. The Trump presidency could have been an opportunity to reinsert Hamiltonianism into American political discourse, except Donald Trump and his supporters have proven themselves to be more Jeffersonian than Hamiltonian, more Liberal Capitalist than Conservative Socialist.

In one of the articles that deserves to be discussed next week, Krein made a convincing argument that Hamiltonians should never make the naïve mistake of trying to appeal to the Republican Party. Like myself, he is also of the view that American Conservatism can become an actual force against Jeffersonian-led Neoliberalism. The challenge, as he sees it, is that there needs to be an intellectual and organizational framework from which to give Hamiltonianism a proper footing in US political discourse. There is already a growing fissure within the American Right on whether to adopt Hamiltonianism or not, and it would be best that this fissure be allowed to continue growing.

That is not to say the American Left is incapable of following a similar trend similar to, but not identical to, elements within the American Right. True Hamiltonianism is neither Left nor Right insofar as it represents a distinctly American national character rooted in US History. It is possible for people from the American Left to gravitate toward Hamiltonianism on real issues where people from the American Right can find common cause. Let it be known that I am all in favor of the ‘Left-Hamiltonians’ and ‘Right-Hamiltonians’ finding Eternal Solidarity and Glory in a renewed Federalist Party.   

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