Update (23 July 2022)

Starting late next month, I will be scaling back the number of posts I contribute to the Blog. Back in May, I mentioned in another Update post that I would be posting five times each week. Now, I am convinced that I need to take into account my future personal plans beyond the Blog’s purview. If the past several days are any indication, then it should be noted that there will be moments where I will be posting next to nothing because I never had enough time to work on any new posts. What I am proposing is that my strategy of using Update posts to keep the Blog active and announcing a general theme to work on should continue. However, in late August, the frequency of Blog posts is going to be limited to no more than three, and not counting these Update posts. If I have to start posting on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, I will make a special announcement, but for now three per week from late August onward is tolerable.

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