Update (27 July 2022)

Today, I am going to be working on two posts which I intend to be completed before the end of the day. Besides those two, I am also going to repost the post of another Blog. Yesterday’s post about France and the EU/NATO, while interesting, is a subject that has yet to be delved further. Even though I would like to explore the topic, there are plenty of others that deserve far greater attention. The two posts that I will be working on today have to do with economics and technology. The technology-related post concerns the Federal government’s efforts at the Defense Department to establish an organization tasked with investigating unidentified aerospace phenomena. Meanwhile, the economic post pertains to the current state of the US economy, including whether it is still poised to experience a Recession anytime soon.

Both posts will be deriving much of their content from relevant news articles. Later this week, I will definitely be writing additional posts that will build upon the Entries of The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.). A new Update post is going to be written tomorrow, detailing the content of those other posts for this week.

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