Update (5 August 2022)

I had a two-part response comment to another post on the ARPLAN Blog. Bogumil, the blogger in charge of ARPLAN, has not yet submitted my comments, so I will be refraining from discussing the matter further until he is ready to approve them. In the meantime, I should bring to the forefront an ongoing discussion in US politics lately.

With the Inflation Rate of the US Dollar still abound, the Jeffersonians now seek to curb the Inflation’s impact on the US economy. Key to their efforts is the “Inflation Reduction Act,” a stalled congressional bill that will allow the Federal government to make gradual reductions in Inflation. And if my readings of the actual bill are correct, there are also a number of spending proposals aimed at trying to salvage whatever was left of the “Build Back Better” bill, particularly its “Green New Deal” aspects.

For now, I would like to spend the rest of today to write a new Blog post about a matter related to the Inflation Reduction Act with the Work-Standard in mind. The more I understand the inner-workings of how the Jeffersonians run the Federal government, the more able I am at applying the Work-Standard to make systematic observations and then draw conclusions from there.

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