Update (7 August 2022)

Unfortunately, I still have not anything back from Bogumil over the past few days. I just hope that he is alright and doing well despite the horrible reports coming out of the UK lately. No idea as to when he will get around to my latest comments for ARPLAN, so I am just going to sit tight and wait and see. If anything new comes up, I will write another Update post.

In the meantime, yes, I did some further research into that “Reduce Inflation Act” that is being proposed inside of Congress. Looking through the documentation, I am not convinced that it will be able to reduce Inflation, even by their standards. If anything, it is really an attempt to salvage whatever remains of “Build Back Better” and then try to make a push toward getting it passed. Why propose legislation ostensibly claiming to combat Inflation, if its Intents were not steered toward doing so? It makes them seem disingenuous and uninterested in actually reducing Inflation.

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