Update (9 August 2022)

It looks like my comments for the latest posts on the ARPLAN Blog were not approved. That should not bother me in the slightest because there are other topics worthy of writing at the moment. For now, I will be working on some economic topics which caught my attention over the past three days. One of them has to be the state of the UK economy, which has suffered far more than the US economy since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The UK, according to the Bank of England, will be entering a Recession as devastating as the Great Recession back in 2008. This comes as the country is afflicted by political dysfunction, an energy crisis, and a rising Inflation Rate. The logistical disruptions brought on by the Pandemic and Brexit have further worsened the ability of the British economy to sustain itself. One analyst went on record insisting that the UK economy has become an “emerging market economy” as a consequence of these issues. Whether that is supposed to be an exaggeration or not remains unknown.

Another topic concerns the PRC’s intentions for the Kuomintang on Taiwan. The Kuomintang, it should be recalled, still have no intentions of reuniting with the rest of Mainland China. Any tomfoolery on the part of the Jeffersonians, up to and including some deliberately vague commitment to defend the island, is bound to spark a war. The military exercises alone do not entail a decision to invade Taiwan; rather, they mean that China has the ability, the willingness even, to wage war.

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