Update (19 August 2022)

I cannot believe that it is now Friday morning. After not posting anything yesterday, I feel that it is only proper of me to add two new posts to the Blog. Allow me to spend the rest of this Update post introducing the relevant topics in question.

The first post will be a discussion about the US Executive Branch and the President of the United States as of late. In my previous research, I had noticed that the US Presidency has seen a substantial rise in what is otherwise a professional technocratic bureaucracy. By that, I am referring to the decades-long trend of “policy experts” growing in size and influence over the Presidency, their presence existing alongside the government officials who constitute the Cabinet of Secretaries. Consider it to be a way of discussing the Presidency in both its Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian configurations.

As for the other post, I will be discussing about the recent developments among the labor movements of the EU/NATO countries and those of Great Britain. The latter will definitely gain more attention as I am receiving reports of industrial action unfolding in that country. I have yet to decide whether to assign the post to Economic History Case Studies or the fledgling “Financial Warfare” series.

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