On Basic Diagrams and Kremlingames

Yesterday, I did some basic creations of simple diagrams intended for future Blog posts. I am not intending these for anything major like another edition to The Work-Standard, so I thought it would be nice to share them here.

This Diagram is for the Freedom-Security Dialectic which I discuss about frequently across different Blog posts. In Parliamentarian politics, the Left-Right Political Spectrum tends to align with the Dialectic in terms of whether a given policy creates more Security or more Freedom based on the perceived Unfreedoms and Insecurities introduced by the Political Center. The Political Right emphasizes Freedom over Security and vice versa for the Political Left. A good example is the usage of terms like “economic freedom” (when talking about the ability to create Kapital) or “economic security” (when talking about the ability to remove Schuld).
The diagram here depicts the extent of domestic economic policy and its monetary and fiscal variants as it was outlined in The Work-Standard. Note that I did not include concepts like “Exchange Rates,” “Devaluation/Revaluation,” the “Transvaluation of All Arbeit,” and others. What I wanted to do with this diagram was to provide a mental map from which economic policy under the Work-Standard is organized and articulated from the central government’s perspective.

Finally, I just received word that Kremlingames had released its latest addition to one of its games, China: Mao’s Legacy. The “Homeland or Death” DLC is out today, and I would like to try it sometime this week in order to see what the developer had to say regarding Cold War Latin American politics and Maoist China. That of course will have to wait because there are a number of other pressing matters that I have yet to deal with at the moment.

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