Update (26 August 2022)

Having completed all of the posts that I had planned at the beginning of this week, I am thinking of taking a break from the Blog today. What I would like to do now is figure out what I should be doing next week. There is one thing which I have been planning to do for nearly a year, but never gotten around to working on it. I am referring to those Entries under the “Third Place” moniker. What started as an attempt to discuss things which never fit anywhere in the First Edition of The Work-Standard ended up devolving into incoherent ramblings, flawed self-reflections, random rhetoric and lapses into sentimentalism because I was forced to retrace my steps over the last ten years.

This Work-Standard did not come about on its own. It came as a result of years of research and consultations with people from various ideologies, the vast majority of whom I did not necessarily agree with. Now that I know better, I think I am beginning to figure out how best to rewrite that entire document, and I can start by revising all of the Entries. There was enough content therein to fit two different Treatises, The Third Place and another about my attempts from Catholic high school to make sense of a little-known document which I found many, many years ago. A “master key to understanding post-1945 world politics” if I have ever read one.

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