Update (27 August 2022)

Okay, I now have enough free time on my schedule to begin work on a proposed Preface to the anticipated addition to everything from The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.), The Third Place (1st Ed.). Even though I still do not have a clear picture on how the treatise will look in end, I do have a rough sketch so far. I am planning to include a Preface, an Introduction, Five Sections, a Conclusion, and an Appendix for the final draft of the First Edition.

  • The Preface should serve as basic background information about the treatise itself, in addition to providing the Reader with a general expectation about the final draft.
  • The Introduction delves into the overarching theme of The Third Place, providing the foundational framework from which the rest of the treatise will be built.   

The Preface and Introduction were both straightforward in The Work-Standard. In the Preface, I stated that the Second Edition represented the end of a decade-long journey to articulate what we now know as the Work-Standard. And in the Introduction, I began by attempting to ascertain in what forms would Socialism take in the US, eventually articulating my arguments based on historical evidence and informed conclusions.

What I am going to write in The Third Place should follow in the wake of my own writings in The Work-Standard. Anything written in the former can and will be supported by the latter.

Without further ado, I will be spending what little I have left for today on the Preface and Introduction. If I do get a chance, I will post the completed products and update the Blog webpage for The Third Place as the time comes.    

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