Update (31 August 2022)

Honestly, I cannot believe today is the last day of August. Time started feeling like an eternity when May came three months ago. In any case, I thought I should mention that I managed to complete two and half new Entries to The Third Place (1st Ed.). These two Entries are meant to be placed after this single three-part Entry about “Codetermination,” “Worker’s Self-Management,” and “Joint-Ownership.” Once those three are completed, I can then declare the Section One of The Third Place completed.

Section One will introduce the Reader to familiar concepts and ideas which were discussed previously in The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) and expanded upon in this treatise. Section Two continues Section One by addressing other concepts that correlate to those found in Section One and the next three Sections. Overall, I am aiming for a shorter addition to The Work-Standard about 53 Entries long spread out across five Sections. For now, I would like to see to it that Section One is completed before the end of the week. If I have any more time this week, I am free to go ahead with Section Two.

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