The Third Place: The Social Ranking System

In almost all of the previous Entries, we have been ascertaining the idea of a Social Ranking System that denotes the positioning of a Self or a single Enterprise in relation to the Totality and the Council State. The Social Ranking System, to recall what was written in The Work-Standard, envisaged the elimination of the older class structures based on Kapital and Schuld in favor of one that relies on Arbeit and Geld. In the context of the Tournament, the Social Ranking System was devised to determine where a given Enterprise is relative to their Quality of Arbeit (QW) and Quality of Geld (QM). Higher QW and QM values affected the positioning of different Enterprises within their Industry.

For the Individual, what The Work-Standard referred to as the “Self,” the Social Ranking System takes on a different set of parameters to account for their human potentiality and actuality. Everyone starts at the lowest Social Rank when they begin secondary school. Promotions are awarded to those whom the Council State deems to be worthy of taking on greater Command Responsibility over the affairs of those around them. These Promotions may be issued to the recipient over the course of their lifetime, and it is possible that somebody in their mid-to-late teens could receive their first promotion while still attending secondary school.

Every promotion awarded to the Self by the Council State can be found in their “Service Record,” which will always be updated at any decisive turning points in their lifetime. Any medals, commendations or special prizes from the Council State will also be found in the Service Record as well. Since the Service Record is an important dossier of personal information about its owner, like the marital status or the number of children under their custody, so it is vital that the most sensitive details be kept to one’s Self.

Also included in the Service Record are contact information as well as any properties and assets owned by them. Houses, vehicles, boats, aircraft, machinery, websites, and more can be found in the Service Record. The same can be said for the deed of ownership and the licenses required to operate vehicles. Moreover, the Service Record documents any Enterprises and NSFIs under their name. It can be used to store important financial records. Important details like tax returns, Geld owed to others as Schuld, family inheritances and heirlooms, as well as the Paygrades and Stipends from the Council State.

And as stated in an earlier Entry, the Social Rank is universal across all Professions, regardless of whatever titles that a given Profession may use to denote the Social Rank. If somebody is working in two separate Professions, their Social Rank will remain the same regardless. Should they receive a promotion from the Council State, that Self will be promoted in the next higher Social Rank for the Profession which they deem to be their Vocation.

Attaining a higher Social Rank confers certain benefits that can be examined in one’s Service Record. They include the ability to borrow interest-free loans known as “Work-Tenures,” the ability to make investments at the Kontor, opportunities to be reassigned as part of a Profession, and eligibility for higher Paygrades and potential Stipends. Each Social Rank is tied to a set Paygrade; higher Paygrades each week is correlated to higher Social Ranks and vice versa. Any Stipends not granted from Work-Plans may be allotted to the recipient by the Council State as part of specific Professions who may need the extra Geld for creating more Arbeit. Any further information about the Social Ranking System will be discussed within all relevant Entries.

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