Update (2 September 2022)

Earlier in the morning, I did not feel like I was in the best mood to be writing anything after not getting enough sleep the previous night. It is almost a miracle that I am beginning to get my thoughts back in to focus and everything else in proper motion. At the moment, I am working on at least two Entries for Section Two of The Third Place (1st Ed.). The first Entry concerns the role of “Second-Hand and Antique Stores,” the other about “Exotics and Acquired Delicacies.” Both are related to the and socioeconomic aspects of Production for Dasein and both are cultural issues concerning everyone’s relation to Arbeit and Geld.

I am expecting to at least be done with one of the two Entries by the end of the day. If all goes well, I should be able to have it ready for The Fourth Estate by then.

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