Update (11 September 2022)

Yesterday, I did something that I wanted to do as part of my ongoing efforts to complete The Third Place. I made four diagrams to complement three Entries, one in Section One and two for Section Two. I will be presenting all four of them below:

This diagram depicts the basic operation of a Stock Market as a type of financial market issuing a common LCFI. The Investor spends Kapital to acquire ownership of a Firm’s Quantity of Kapital. That is essentially the whole “Incentive” behind Stocks as an LCFI. Acting as a middleman is a “Stockbroker” who has to negotiate with the Investor and the Firm in order to secure a deal between them.
Contrast this with the issuance of Fiefs backed by the Quality of Arbeit of the Self, the Investor. The Investor negotiates with the Kontor and pays the Service Fee about working for a specific Enterprise, where they will be converting their Arbeit into Geld in the form of a Fief. This Fief is to be added on top of the Paygrade from the Council State, the Geld of which comes from the Life-Energy Reserve.

This diagram is a visualized map of the Work-World. There are activities which exist outside the Work-World because they do not create Arbeit and Geld. On the other hand, there are other activities inside the Work-World that either have their own Domain or else are not a part of any Domain. Any activities which are a part of any Domain will be able to start creating Arbeit and Geld.
This final diagram shows the LER Process of the Socialist Student Economy (SSE) based on the various aforementioned types of Enterprises described in Sections One and Two. The Student Body controls a number of Small Businesses, Workshops and Cooperatives that create products for Department Stores and Supermarkets under partial ownership of their Student Government. Second-Hand Stores are used to recycle and salvage unwanted items into Equipmentalities for the Student Body, whereas Antique Stores handle the sales of rare, one-of-a-kind and even heirloom items which will not become Prizes to be awarded to someone else by the Council State. The economic activities of the SSE will create Geld from its own Arbeit, so the other major source of Geld will come from elsewhere.

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