New Diagrams and Other Findings

Earlier today, I made some new diagrams that I am planning to include for final PDF file of The First Place (1st Ed.). Although some are still being worked on as of this post, I will be presenting the completed ones below.

This diagram describes the two opportunities where any given economic activity can create Arbeit and the only one involving a direct transfer of Geld between hands.
This diagram is an expansion of the preceding one by articulating how Cooperatives and Small Businesses, acting as part of a Guild, create Arbeit and Geld.

This diagram depicts how Kapital and Schuld are created in a Liberal Capitalist Market/Mixed Economy as part of Production for Profit.
It is meant to be accompanied by another diagram depicting how Production for Utility functions, as depicted in this particular one.

Thanks to these diagrams, I can readily distinguish between the Tripartism (Social Corporatism) of Social-Democracy and the State Corporatism of Fascism. I am expecting to create additional diagrams later this month.

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