Update (18 September 2022)

My goal for this week is to finish three new Entries for the First Edition of The Third Place. I am now in the middle of Section Three and I am thinking there should be no more than ten Entries. The other remaining Entries will be reserved for Sections Four and Five because they fall within the parameters of the SSE and the eponymous “Third Place.”

The third Entry for Section Three is going to be about the wealthy’s interactions with the SSE and its Student Government. Not just in terms of why the wealthy should invest their Geld in the next generation, but also what to do with the youths who come from wealthy or even nobility backgrounds in certain countries. Aside from that, I have yet to figure out what else I should be writing for Section Three. I know it’s about the Household (the “First Place”), but there are all kinds of different ways on how to proceed.

  • Since the first three Entries are about the wealthy and their interactions with the SSE, the next logical step is for me to spend two new Entries about the Council State’s role in the construction of residential areas. This one will need to be split into two parts.
  • Buttressing those two aforementioned Entries is another Entry that discusses about the historical rise of American Suburbia and its similar counterparts in the West. My area of study spans from the official “end” of World War II to the Subprime Mortgage Crisis that led to the Great Recession.
  • Another Entry that addresses the present problems of Suburbia, from its contributions to creating social frictions in Western politics to the logistical and ecological problems that arise from having living spaces so spread out.
  • I will then discuss about the challenge of choosing between public transportation and relying on automobiles versus other modes of transportation. This one will be a three-part installment about the State’s role in the provision of public transportation, production of automobiles, and how it accommodates other modes of transportation.

Overall, that should be ten Entries. All ten are designed to build upon topics discussed earlier in Sections One and Two, so that everything else in Section Three can facilitate the transition to Sections Four and Five. With the infrastructure surrounding the SSE well-defined, it then becomes imperative to discuss more about the SSE and its role in building the “Third Place.”

If I have time tomorrow, I will discuss about this again in another Update post.

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