Update (21 September 2022)

Alright, there are now four Entries finished for Section Three of The Third Place (1st Ed.). Six more have yet to be completed. The remaining ones are as follows:

  • A three-part Entry about the role of the State in the production of automobiles, mass transportation systems, and how those two should complement other modes of transportation such as walking or riding a bicycle.
  • One Entry regarding the wealthy’s interactions with the SSE.
  • Another Entry about the Council State’s role in the construction of residential areas.

The final Entry will be about the construction of housing in America Suburbia and the political, ecological, socioeconomic, and financial consequences that followed. My area of study spans from the official end of World War II to the Subprime Mortgage Crisis. This one will need to be finished last because the historical context can only be understood upon reading the preceding Entries.

Today, I am thinking of finishing at least one of these. If I complete one today, I will post it before midnight tonight. If not, I will have to finish it tomorrow and post it then.

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