Update (28 September 2022)

I am halfway finished with a two-part Entry about “human consciousness,” a topic that informed my arguments in Entries related to Citizenship and the Interpersonal Compact. Both Parts I and II are each missing an important segment. For Part I, that is the “Freedom of Conscience”; for Part II, something called the “Noosphere.” Both concepts, despite being seemingly unrelated, are actually connected to the bibliography of Ernst Jünger, the Counterculture, the digital realm, and the two empirical case studies. Everything is meshing together to form a new and coherent perspective that I think will reduce the length of Section Four to ten Entries. Instead of the original twelve, there will just be ten.

My goal before the end of today is to finish both halves. I already have enough information on hand to complete them. All that I need to do is make sure they are done on time.

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