Update (2 October 2022)

I am currently writing a research paper about the 2020 US Presidential Election and how it impacted the American people’s relation to the Presidency as a Totality. As I had been suspecting for quite some time now, the 2020 US Presidential Election was in many respects a continuation of suspicions about the integrity of presidential elections. Or, if one wishes to look at this from a Federalist perspective, the Democratic-Republican Party is unable to forge a new consensus among its two halves whenever they elect a new President through the Electoral College. No matter who gets elected, somebody on either half of the Democratic-Republican Party is going to be upset that the results were not in their favor.

It has taken me all day to get through the vast majority of the paper. All I have left now as of this writing is one, two, or three paragraphs, followed by the gathering of References. I need to spend one or two paragraphs documenting the response to the 2020 Election and how that in turn led to the events of January 6, 2021. After that, I can then proceed to write a concluding paragraph and start acquiring my References. This will no doubt require me to spend much of October 3, so I may not be able to post anything new for October 4. And that is assuming I manage to get everything done tomorrow.

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