Update (6 October 2022)

I just finished four new diagrams for The Third Place (1st Ed.). Three of them are diagrams depicting how the Scholarship, Apprenticeship, and Sponsorship NSFIs function. They are meant to be used by someone from the VCS Economy and directed at the SSE as a way to foster interactions between their respective Tournaments. The following are the four diagrams, along with their descriptions in the final .PDF copy of the First Edition.

Author’s Diagram of the Scholarship NSFI. With it, the Student creates a secondary source of Arbeit in return for the Investor’s Geld, the Investor to cashing in the NSFI after the Maturity Date.
Author’s Diagram of the Apprenticeship NSFI. Here, the Investor and Student both work together within an Enterprise to reap Actual Geld from secondary and tertiary sources of Actual Arbeit.
Author’s Diagram of the Sponsorship NSFI. Similar to the Apprenticeship NSFI, the Sponsorship NSFI involves the same operation, except it involves one Enterprise from the VCS Economy asserting Command Responsibility over an entire “Student Enterprise” from the SSE. The Student Enterprise becomes the Subsidiary of its new parent Enterprise. And like the Apprenticeship NSFI, the Sponsorship NSFI allows those two Enterprises to create secondary and tertiary sources of Actual Arbeit, which can then be converted into Actual Geld.
Author’s Diagram of the hierarchical command structure of an Industry within a given Economic Sector of the VCS Economy. The characteristics of Shopping Arena warrant treating them as Consortiums, while Shopping Citadels fall under the category of Industrial Concerns. Of course, as I had stated earlier in the Entry, the configuration of the Shopping Citadel enables it to include economic activities from lower-ranking economic organizations.

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