Update (9 October 2022)

I am getting close to finishing Section Five. With three Entries left, I am thinking of devoting one Entry to the Shopping Citadel and Shopping Arena’s ability to support the economic activities of the Cottage Industry. Another Entry could be reserved for Foreign Enterprises and Specialty Shops. If I can interweave the Socialization of Young Minds in those two Entries, I can simply reserve the final Entry for the Conclusion, which is going to be significantly shorter than the Conclusion of The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.).

For the Socialization of Young Minds, I need to illustrate how the Cottage Industry and Foreign Enterprises contribute to the Socialization of Young Minds. I am thinking of doing the Cottage Industry one first, since some of the ideas inherent in that Entry is intended to build upon earlier ones in Section Five as well as previous Entries.

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