Update (12 October 2022)

Looks like my decision to not post anything yesterday has paid off. I think I might be able to post the First Edition of The Third Place by Friday. I need some time to decide on whether I need to create another diagram or two about the Shopping Citadel in Section Five. The diagrams in question would further demonstrate how everything came together in the final result. The problem that I am currently facing is where to place the diagrams. Should I put them in Section Five or in the Appendix? Should I even bother with trying to create those diagrams at all?

Whatever my final decision happens to be, I am planning to release the .PDF copy of The Third Place before the end of Friday. As to whether I will be working on a Second Edition to do some important revisions is something that I will not be doing for a long time. Unlike last year, I am in much better health now than when I was working on both Editions of The Work-Standard.

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