Update (15 October 2022)

Okay, now that the First Edition of The Third Place is out of the way, my next plan for the future of this Blog is to return to my discussions about the other Hamiltonians in our own corner of American political-economic discourse. There are a number of promising articles in American Affairs journal and Compact magazine that I would like to address in some new and upcoming Conservative Socialism-related posts. I am also thinking of writing another message for the ARPLAN Blog as well.

For some time now, I have been contemplating on whether to expand the Social Media presence of The Fourth Estate. Although the Blog is far from being perfect in terms of quality control, which I can chalk up to me not having an editor, I am currently looking into specific Social Media platforms to consider.

I could set up a Twitter account designed to promulgate my latest posts here. Twitter seems like an easy foray into expanding The Fourth Estate’s Social Media presence. Of course, there will be no informal comments from myself that somebody else could use against me in any way, shape or form several years down the line. That was something which I have been anticipating as far back as the late 2000s, long before Cancel Culture and Wokeism.

If I do manage to set up a Twitter account, I will definitely announce in another post.

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