Proposed Basic Work-Standard Economic Graph

I took some time earlier this morning working on a mock draft of a basic Work-Standard economic graph. I chose to create one as part of my efforts to provide visual aids for those who need them. They are meant to supplement the concepts and ideas discussed in The Work-Standard and The Third Place. Below is one of the graphs that I had managed to complete so far.

This economic graph depicts the Work-Theory of Money (WTM), which is meant to complement the Reciprocal Theory of Value (RTV). In the passing of Zeit (Time), the Price of Geld (P1 and P2) is impacted by the Value of Arbeit (QW1 and QW2). As the Quality of Arbeit (QW) increases (which is to be depicted as a downward trajectory), the Value of Arbeit appreciates in lockstep with depreciation in Quality of Geld (QM).

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