Update (17 October 2022)

Honestly, I do not have a set timetable on exactly when I am going to be working on any commentaries about certain articles from other Hamiltonian publications. There are other topics that deserve higher prioritization this week. Yesterday, I drew two economic graphs depicting the Work Theory of Money (WTM) and how the TPP value interacts with the RPF value. They are worthy of keeping around for future reference in case I need to provide visual aids for those who require them. I am thinking of creating more economic graphs for other concepts.

Furthermore, that recent post on the ARPLAN Blog got me thinking about the Liberalization of Young Minds and its antithesis, the Socialization of Young Minds, from The Third Place. It provides credence to my suspicion about the Liberal Capitalists believing that in order to carry out any serious orchestration of Political Liberalization, Social Liberalization and Economic Liberalization need to occur first. Economic Liberalization is supposed to yield Social Liberalization, which in turn is to create the conditions for Political Liberalization. That was the sort of thinking the Liberal Capitalists had in mind when they were invited to Mainland China during the economic reforms under Deng Xiaoping. The idea was that by promoting Economic Liberalization and Social Liberalization, Political Liberalization would allow the Liberal Capitalists to reassert control over Mainland China.  But as the CPC in Beijing have demonstrated in their recent history, such subversive efforts do not always succeed.

Going backing to my postulations of the Liberalization of Young Minds, I did mention that Technology could serve as a means by which it can occur. The question that I am wondering about now is whether there was anything in China’s history that can serve as empirical evidence. If I had to make an educated guess, I would have to say that the answer lies somewhere within Deng’s economic policies. The real challenge is figuring out which aspect of those policies.    

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