Update (23 October 2022)

Last night, I uploaded two new additions to Digital Library II, the second webpage where I host a number of books, academic articles, historical documents, treatises, white papers, and other works related to my Blog posts. For those who are not aware, The Fourth Estate’s Digital Library exists to bring visitors of the Blog up to speed on the various topics discussed here and the correlations between them. The PDFs which I had uploaded yesterday are two expensive books on public budgeting and finance within the shared paradigm of Production for Profit and Production for Utility.

The two works in question are entitled, The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management: A Handbook for Academics and Practitioners (2nd Ed.) and Case Studies in Public Budgeting and Financial Management. I am planning to use those two as reference guides for my next major Blog post. They may have been intended by its authors for an American context, but I am convinced that they are applicable to how a Parliamentary Democracy generates Kapital and Schuld.

If anyone gets confused, let this diagram serve as a point of reference.
And if anyone needs to know how it contrasts with Production for Dasein, just recall this particular chart on economic policy from The Third Place (1st Ed.).

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