Update (24 October 2022)

The second half of “On State Budgets and Parliamentary Budgets” is expected to be completed before the end of today. My goal is to discuss what is otherwise an extension of something that I had mentioned previously in The Work-Standard and The Third Place. Everyone should know by now that the Totality and the Self receive Paygrades each week in exchange for their contributions to the Life-Energy Reserve. The other aspect of this endeavor involves the Council State allocating Geld, the “State Funds,” to its central government and subordinate governments as well as the SSE, the VCS Economy, the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System, and National Intranet. Provision of these “State Funds” are intended to ensure that the entire Socialist nation continues creating more Arbeit.

Every “Arbeit-into-Geld” is met by “Geld-into-Arbeit.” In the SSE, VCS Economy, Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System, and National Intranet, we find that the various Enterprises primarily rely on the State Funds provided by the Council State. In addition, the vast majority can draw from the Geld made through transactional sales to supplement their own expenditures.

But how about the Council State itself and by extension the fifth Economic Sector of the VCS Economy, the “Government Sector” (aka Administrative Sector)? There are State functionaries who participate in the production processes of the VCS Economy. A good obvious happens to be the military-industrial complex, whose economic activities are intended to support the armed forces. Another is the State functionaries responsible for the provision of the “Basic Essentials” such as water and fuel, electrical power, healthcare, education, housing, construction and landscaping, and so forth. All of those people are employed by the Council State to provide those Basic Essentials as part of the “Government Sector,” except their transactional sales go straight to the State Budget.

Then there is the Council State’s bureaucracy that oversees and operates the various Ministries, Departments and Offices of the central government. Also included in this category are bureaucracies of the regional and local governments. Compared to the VCS Economy’s Government Sector, nobody here is capable of facilitating transactional sales under the Work-Standard. Everyone relies on the State Funds of the Council State to run their everyday operations.

Therefore, what I will be discussing in the upcoming post should not be too out of the ordinary. The content is going to be based on concepts and topics that have already been discussed previously in The Work-Standard and The Third Place.

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