Update (28 October 2022)

Last night, I completed my critique of the Energy-based Currency. Seems like the Work-Standard is not the only one opposed to that conception of Currency. Even the proponents of the Gold Standard, the Debt Standard, Bitcoin and perhaps Ethereum will find something to dislike about it. For the Work-Standard, it’s the fact that an Energy-based Currency is not only constrained by renewable energy production, it is also vulnerable to wartime conditions. Wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric dams, and geothermal plants are all convenient targets for enemy air attacks and cyberattacks. At least with the Work-Standard, a nation can hide its production processes for creating Arbeit in discrete, inconspicuous locations. More importantly, an Energy-based Currency deemphasizes the importance of Actual Arbeit as well as Military Arbeit. Never be too dependent on Digital Arbeit.

Today, I am contemplating on whether to devote another post about Life-Energy. It has been a while since I last written anything in significant detail about the Will-to-Power that turns Arbeit into something tangible and even meaningful under the Work-Standard. For “Communism is Nietzschean Will-to-Power of the Arbeiter and the Electrification of the whole country.”

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