Update (15 November 2022)

I know it has been a while since I wrote a major Blog post, but I have been receptive to the fact that fewer people are less interested in my forays into International Relations. I understand that not everyone wants to delve into that subject, so I will abandon my forays into the subject and return to focusing on the topic that I know everyone wants to know. There are a number of topics related to The Work-Standard and The Third Place that I would like to delve further at some point.

A good example of this has been my ongoing readings into the other literature on proposals for automated economic planning. Aside from the existing historical research on OGAS and Project Cybersyn, I found some notable documents describing the implementation of automated economic plans that involves a Digital Economy compatible with the Work-Standard’s LERE Process.

One recent proposal is to develop a “democratic economic planning.” It may be Social-Democratic, but it can also be reapplied to a Conservative government critical of Neoliberalism and is open-minded enough to apply practical Socialist economics. It also involves employing forms of Artificial Intelligence to help economic planners, who themselves are operating across various State Enterprises and privatized commercial firms, streamline the entire production process. The authors are convinced that further research is needed to expand our understandings of Artificial Intelligence and how it can be reapplied to economic planning.

I am certain that there are other proposals out there which have yet to be found. Once I have gathered enough information, my next goal is to begin working on a new Blog post to establish my findings.

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