Update (15 November 2022)

The first half of my Blog post about the role of Automation in Economic Planning has been established. I have addressed the Work-Standard’s version, MTEP, and how it differs from STEP. Now, I just need to document the available literature on the subject which, while related to the earlier developments of OGAS and Project Cybersyn, is also drawing from the ongoing advancements in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and various information and computation technologies.

Some of the available literature I found points to the Chinese Socialist Market Economy considering the possibility of AI assisting the efficiency and capabilities of State Enterprises. While the idea of AI taking the role of Central Planner is not on the agenda, the idea of employing AI as a digital assistant appears to be the Intent of where the PRC intends for their development of AI software.

The rest is related to the implications of OGAS and Project Cybersyn. What else is there for us to learn about those two? Is there something else within the existing data that a machine has an easier time analyzing than a political scientist?

Here’s the current list of research articles that I found online which delved into Automated Economic Planning:

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