Right Wing Cancel Culture by Gio — Futurism Forever

Many on the right wing like to wail and whine about left wing cancel culture and censorship. We hear it all the time:

“I got banned from Twitter just for calling people n!gg!rs and f!gg!ts. My civil rights! My free speech!!”

But we simply cannot ignore the long tradition of right wing cancel culture. I would go so far as to say that cancel culture and whining about shit is what being right wing is all about. We all remember Hitlers war on “degenerate” art, the video nasties, the satanic panic. The list goes on. The right are the sworn enemies of artistic expression and innovation. Anything taboo, or controversial, or potentially uncomfortable (for them) is off the table. Not content with just not consuming the media they don’t like, they go one further and try and enforce their boring tastes on everyone else. They censor, they ban, they run smear campaigns, they blacklist, they cancel. It’s definitely worth keeping this in mind when they start whining when it begins happening to them.

Right Wing Cancel Culture by Gio — Futurism Forever

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