On Soviet City-Building (Pt. I of III)

Yesterday, I mentioned that one of the things which I have been doing is playing Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic. It is a city-builder game where the goal is to turn a remote part of the Soviet Union into a self-sufficient, well-governed region away from the major cities. Bordering on simulator territory, the game encouraged long-term planning with an idea on what the region should become. The region will feature towns and villages connected to each other by roads and railways, their livelihoods dependent on the Natural and Manufacturing Sectors. Everything that one would possibly need in a town has to be built by the player. So far, I am enjoying the game, but the steep learning curve and the overemphasis on micromanaging are not the most enjoyable aspects.

Consider this post to be an introduction to my experiences playing so far. I have yet to figure out other aspects of the game.

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