Should I consider “Infographics?”

A proposal has been on my mind for some time now. I was wondering if I should try developing Infographics as a way to convey easy-to-read information for those who need visual aids. Whenever I am proposing new ideas and concepts, such as the Work-Standard, the Third Place, or Consciousness IR Theory, I tried to incorporate diagrams and flowcharts designed to visualize the topic of discussion. So far, I had been working on diagrams and flowcharts, which are different from Infographics.

Infographics are poster-like pictures meant to describe processes and functions in greater detail. They are meant to make information more accessible to a larger audience. A good example of an Infographic would be for me to create one about the VCS Economy. An Infographic on the VCS Economy will outline its specifications, how and why it might function like a Planned/Command Economy, and how its employment of MTEP differentiates it from STEP. Others include descriptions of the Work-Standard or specific fiscal and monetary policies from other economic schools of thought. By offering a visualized frame of reference, an Infographic will compel observer to follow up on the given topic and research the related literature.

I could totally do Infographics if anyone is interested. I might even design one for an upcoming Economic History Case Studies Entry that I am planning to work on for this week. The proposed topic that I have in mind is related to the topic of Reindustrialization, which is related to another Entry that I covered regarding “Premature Deindustrialization.” Alternatively, I could even design some for philosophical and theoretical political-economic concepts from various ideologies.

Whatever I do with the Infographics, I am going to have to continually update the Blog to inform people on the current progress of any proposed Infographics. While it may not take the amount of time that it took to write The Work-Standard or The Third Place, let’s just say that it might take longer than the amount of time I would need to complete the average post on this Blog.

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