New Contest from Kremlingames

Apart from running errands earlier this morning, I spent a good chunk of my day on a new playthrough of Collapse: A Political Simulator. The game is set in a fictional former Soviet Republic, where the goal is to compete against various political parties to gain control of the government and its newly established Parliament. It follows the development of that former Soviet Republic from 1992 to 2004.

The developer, Kremlingames, has introduced a new update that makes the gameplay experience more challenging. Now, all playable political parties must conform to the party line which they had set for themselves. To further reinforce the fact that the player is running a newly independent nation, the player’s party has to form parliamentary coalitions with other parties that share its ideology.

Some other features include the ability to compare the player’s performance against the real statistical data of nearby countries such as Russia, Belarus, Poland within the same period. This was a feature first introduced in Crisis in the Kremlin, albeit for the Soviet Union (before 1991) and the Russian Federation (after 1991). It expands upon other statistics such as the “IMF Rating” or the extents to which foreign Kapital, Monopolies and State Enterprises control the national economy. Exactly how the player manages to surpass those countries economically and socially is up to them.

Kremlingames also announced a “contest” for anyone interested in modding the game and sharing new content on Steam. The contest, as of this writing, will be running until the end of January. It is scheduled to end on February 1.

Dear friends, we are holding a contest for the best mod for “Collapse: A Political Simulator”

The competition will be held in 3 stages:
1. Submission of the application (30 days are given for this from 02.01.2023)

2. Voting (3 days are given for this)

3. Summing up the results

Terms of participation:
1. The application must be submitted by at least 5 mods from 5 different people

2. If there are 5 mods, then 1 winner will get the key, if there are 6-10 mods, then two, if 10-15, then three, if 16-20, then four, if more than 20, then five.

3. Winners receive a key to any of the games / dlc from Kremlingames to their taste / at their request.

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