Update (13 January 2022)

No response yet from Bogumil. I am guessing he is still busy at the moment. Anyway, I thought I should mention something about those diagrams that I had been planning to create. There was a thought that has been on my mind for some time now. Are there certain versions of Capitalism that feed directly into Socialism, just as how there are also other versions that lead to Liberal Capitalism or Illiberal Capitalism?

My research over the years appears to give credence to entertaining such a conclusion. One of those is State Capitalism. So far, I have yet to find a comprehensive diagram, chart, or infographic that provides enough information on State Capitalism, especially the variations that have existed over the last century. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary for me to come up with one.

Yes, I am certain that certain variants lean toward Planned/Command Economy, whereas others are more skewed toward Market/Mixed Economy. To the untrained observer unfamiliar with the subtleties of economic life, there are in fact many nuanced differences between a Mixed Economy and a Planned Economy, just as how there are distinctions between a Market Economy and a Command Economy.

Yes, I am convinced that Lenin’s NEP more or less occupies the apex of Planned Economy. If there was a variant of State Capitalism superior to Lenin’s NEP, there is this “Prussian Capitalism” which happens to be indistinguishable from its Prussian Socialist counterpart. Oswald Spengler described that in greater detail in Prussianism and Socialism, and I have done enough research to conclude that Spengler’s conclusions were historically accurate. It fits squarely between Lenin’s NEP and the Command Economies.

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