Update (14 January 2023)

Parts II and III of “Thus Spoke Lenin: On Prussian State Capitalism” have yet to be completed. Since those series of posts often take the longest because I actually have to sift through Lenin’s philosophy, it will take a while before I write Part II. Part III will obviously have to come after the completion of Part II.

In the meantime, Bogumil did not reply back to me, but he did however post my latest comment on the ARPLAN Blog. There was not much for him to comment on. Not sure when he will be posting anything new this month, but I will try to keep an eye out and wait until the next post. When that time comes, I will write a new comment. Who knows, maybe he will devote the next ARPLAN post to our discussion in early January?

Currently, I do not have anything ready for posting at the moment, so what I am going to do is repost some posts from other WordPress Blogs. Next week’s theme has yet to be decided. Tomorrow, I should be able to devise one.

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