Update (19 January 2023)

Lately, I have been commenting on two WordPress Blogs that I frequent other than ARPLAN. The Anarchist Blog Futurism Forever continues to provide a number of really insightful, yet promising posts that I have decided to repost some for The Fourth Estate. Another is Authenticity, which I have recently contributed some comments there in its most recent post. Other than that, I am planning to work on the next installment of “On Prussian State Capitalism,” which I hope will be done before the end of today.

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  1. I am glad you find my blog to be interesting. I am sure you’ll find my newest post on nostalgia of the 1950s to be interesting. I have also been reposting some of your articles on my telegram channel, hopefully its been sending some people your way.


    • Thank you, I appreciate that. I will admit that my best articles have been the ones written for the Work-Standard and the Third Place, my commentaries on ARPLAN, Economic History Case Studies, and Thus Spoke Lenin (which is a series of articles where I try to recontextualize Marxism-Leninism as “Nietzscheanism-Leninism.” Based on the current Internet traffic to my Blog, it appears that your reposting has had some effect.

      Speaking of which, I will definitely write a response to your post on 1950s Nostalgia because everything therein touches on topics that I have also covered in The Third Place about post-1945 America under Jeffersonianism.


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