Update (25 January 2023)

Recently, I have concluded that I may not be receiving any word from the Futurism Forever Blog anytime soon. My best guess is that the Blog’s owner intends for it to be an art collective and that any responses to me or anyone else should be interpreted as official statements. After all, Futurism Forever has various contributors to the Blog and not just its owner. Whatever the case may be, I do not mind. I will just keep trying until I receive a response.

Anyway, there is another item on the agenda of this Blog, however. Part III of “On Prussian State Capitalism” is scheduled for completion no later than this coming Friday. If I get a chance today or tomorrow, it might be posted on The Fourth Estate before Friday. Just remember that State Capitalism is a temporary phase, where restructurings and renovations can be made before transitioning to State Socialism.

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